Hybrid is a decent download title for Xbox Live that includes fast third-person multiplayer action among flying robots that duck and cover in close and mid-range firefights, though limited movement may turn off some shooting freaks.

Developed by 5th Cell, Hybrid allows users to take command of a robot with the ability to cover and fire or fly and fire to the next available cover. Users can equip their bot with a range of customizable firearms and deploy a multitude of helpful drones based on the number of successive kills.

Controls are solid with good cover controls. Flight movement is on-rails with a direct path to the next cover in-view cover area, though user can aim and fire in flight.

Strategy comes into play with team deathmatches that involve blitzing enemies or keeping a careful distance while drones penetrate with fire.

Online play was mixed with lengthy match wait times, though when a match managed to connect there was no perceivable lag.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Flat texture relay a 90’s arcade finish with metallic corridors and well-build robot models.

Hybrid is a decent online frag fest for Xbox Live. The flight-only movement and cover fire strategy is different from the standard run-and-gun model and can win over fans that can be patient with its hit-and-miss online matchmaking.

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