Capcom Co. this week detailed the Agent Hunt Mode for Resident Evil 6 for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360

Agent Hunt Mode can be accessed after users complete either the Leon, Chris, or Jake campaign. Completion will unlock Agent Hunt stages for each respective campaign.

Agent Hunt Mode takes place within a standard campaign. Users can allow or disallow the feature when creating a single-player or co-op session.

When enabled, the mode allows other online users to take the role of a zombie. Up to two hunters can join a session. When they die, they will respawn as a different enemy. If a hunter takes down the protagonist a results screen appears and the user has an option to join another session.

Resident Evil 6, to be sold Oct. 2, will feature a single-player and co-op campaign mode to include Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, in addition to new characters in a dramatic global horror crisis.

In a multi-story arc, Leon S. Kennedy confronts an infected President of the United States, while Chris Redfield arrives in China under the threat of a bioterrorist attack.

New features in Resident Evil 6 include play between three main characters, Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfiend, and Jake Muller. Each character will have a unique gameplay tone.

In addition, the title will include single-player or co-op play offline or online.

Zombies can now run, jump, and use weapons, while new enemies called the Chrysalide can undergo a full metamorphosis to spawn new monsters.

The Resident Evil video game franchise has sold more than 47 million copies worldwide to date. The live action movies have grossed more than $525 million in global markets.

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