Microsoft Corp.’s Wreckateer is a standard motion projectile title for the Kinect sensor that deploys a range of ammunition to destroy large castles for points.

Developed by Iron Galaxy Studios, Wreckateer allows users to move their arms and bodies to control projectiles in mid-air as they fly towards a point of impact.

Shots include the Basic Shot to point and arrange a cannon ball-like projectile then swipe to maneuver it in mid-air, and the Flying Shot to expand the arms and glide up and down toward a specific point on the castle.

Most shots make a decent dent out of all castle towers and gates no matter where they hit. However, hitting weaker points or explosive points can create greater damage and rack up more points and higher grades in each level.

Motion controls are accurate with the user able to adjust left, right, up, and down before fire. The Kinect requires a good six feet of space which can deter some owners with limited play area.

Wreckateer introduces the Avatar Famestar program, which allows users to compete in specific challenges to earn in-game rewards and Achievements in competition against other Xbox Live users. Wreckateer includes numerous challenges at launch and adds a good social component to the title. The game also offers a two-player alternating local multiplayer mode to complete against a friend.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Castles destruct convincing though the actual physics engine isn’t overly complex. The voiceovers compliment the medieval theme well.

Wreckateer is a standard motion control title. The game offers gesture-based projectile gameplay that will yield more attention from younger players rather than test the skill of challenge-hungry veterans.

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