Spelunky for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a solid platform title that utilizes classic, challenging play against randomly generated levels.

Developed by Mossmouth LLC, Spelunky offers 2D-based side-scrolling platform play in randomized dungeons. In the title users maneuver through enemies, traps, and maze-like level design to collect gold and reach the level exit.

Users are armed with a whip and can gain access to additional items, including bombs to break down walls and rope to climb to new areas. In addition, users can grab hold of objects to toss them toward enemies.

Also, levels include a merchant to purchase items in case users run out in the level.

Certain treasures like statues or a damsel in distress must be carried to the exit to receive an extra bonus.

Levels start out straight-forward and become increasingly complex with arrow traps, spiked pits, spiked walls, and aggressive enemies.

The Xbox Live version includes a brand new four-player co-op mode, and a deathmatch mode in which users can employ all melee and weaponry actions against one another, from tossing players to throwing bombs in order to get a final kill.

The graphics engine is solid with colorful levels and enemies that pay homage to classic 2D titles. The Xbox Live release includes new high-resolution, hand-drawn graphics and enhanced character models to keep the title updated.

Spelunky is a fine download platform title that offers classically updated mechanics. From the pick-up-and-play ease to robust level design, platform fans will light up when they dive underground.

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