Disney Interactive Studios’ Brave: The Video Game for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is a standard third-person action title that utilizes easy combat and platforming for the new heroine.

Developer by Behaviour Interactive, Brave allows users to take the lead role of Merida, an expert archer in Scotland who must end a magical curse to transform her Mum back into human form and ultimately save the kingdom.

Control is solid with analog movement, button-based sword combat and the ability to fire arrows in any direction with the right analog. In addition, users select from various charms like Earth, Fire, Air and Ice defeat element-based enemies.

Levels feature wide-open construction and various depths to allow users to fire and shoot foes from all directions and platform with double-jump and wall jump capability throughout. At various points, users will take control of alternate characters to solve puzzles or battle a round of enemies.

Users can upgrade their character with collected gold at various Merchant points, including weaponry and new combat maneuvers.

In addition, the title includes co-op functionality in which the second player can utilize Will O’ The Wisp, an apprentice that can pop in with unlimited lives.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Each level is well-constructed and textured with a large influx of disposable wolves and other creatures. The soundtrack is decent, though it can be repetitive. And voice acting is well done with actress Kelly Macdonald reprising her role from the film.

Brave: The Video Game is a standard action adventure title that will offer kids and film fans decent action from the latest Pixar film. With her trusty sword and bow and arrow, Merida has no fear in taking on all foes.

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