Square Enix Holdings Co. this week demonstrated Sleeping Dogs for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In the demo, the user could walk around a virtual Hong Kong full of Cantonese-speaking NPCs to find a source that holds information about a specific target. The character has full reign to play normally or randomly beat down NPCs which deducts a point meter.

When the target is found he gives chase to lead the user through streets and alleyways while allowing for select platform elements.

In battle, users can deploy a standard combo attack or grapple the enemy for a more brutal beating. In grapple hold users can perform an environmental attack to contextual bash the enemy into a nearby surface. Also, the environment will highlight specific objects in red for a unique kill. For example, a nearby air conditioning unit will allow the player to grapple an enemy then stick his head into the AC fan.

Controls were solid with standard and grapple attacks easy to learn. The bustling Hong Kong location provided a colorful and authentic location with tons of NPCs that banter in realistic fashion.

Sleeping Dogs will be sold Aug. 14.

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