Sony Corp.’s PixelJunk 4am is a solid music simulation title that offers a digital canvas to manipulate in-game tracks with the Playstation Move.

Developed by Q Games, PixelJunk 4am allows users to utilize the Playstation Move to create a custom audio and visual track using digital buttons in combination with controller movement. The title includes seven tracks, six visualizers and more than 190 sounds to create a custom tune.

Each digital button relays a layer of the musical composition, including drums, bass, rhythm, and synthesizer. The top portion of the controller will change color in accordance to each layer to provide an informative visual cue to the player.

Each track includes four loops. Users can pull each loop into the track using the trigger and gesture controls. In addition, each loop can be manipulated by holding the Move button in combination with controller movement. Users can add a number of loops and edit each to compose a custom and interactive work of art.

An addition of second Playstation Move controller allows users to manipulate two tracks simultaneously, a welcome addition for digital music maestros.

Finally, the title’s built-in social functionality allows PSN members to view and rate a user creation live via a free player download. The title also acts as a built-in visualizer for music stored on the PS3 hard drive.

Tracks in the title are beat heavy, rhythmic and easy to layer while the visualizer relays varied and inventive images that coordinate precisely to the beats.

PixelJunk 4am is a solid music download simulation title. The ability to create and manipulate tracks with gesture controls is a top demonstration of the Playstation Move controller and an innovative way for casual or veteran composers to play to a live audience.

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