Microsoft Corp.’s Joy Ride Turbo for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is an easy arcade racer that drifts solid controls, plenty of power-ups, and large stunt tracks for newcomers or veteran racers.

Joy Ride Turbo modes includes Championship Series, Stunt Park, Quick Race, and Xbox Live.

In Championship Series, users can select from the 100 HP, 200 HP or 300 HP class. Each class holds four, three-race events. Vehicles, which all feature easy handling, include Sport, Muscle and Truck variations.

Each race includes boxes of power-ups that can be launched to slow down opponents, including Rockets, Turbo, Mines, Deep Freeze, and Shock Wave actions. Racers can also drift with the X button to earn boost.

Controls are solid with responsive steering and bumper car-like collisions. All race controls are entirely kid-friendly, with stunt actions like side or front flips that automatically even out right before landing.

Stunt Race allows users to race on large open-space tracks with ramps and loops scattered throughout. In the mode, racers can collect Trophies to earn Achievements and find Car Parts to unlock new vehicles. As a separate component, hardcore racers will find the most challenge in the mode with a mass of seemingly unreachable Trophies that linger throughout each well-designed park.

Online races are lag-free on Xbox Live and allow up to eight racers to compete in circuit races or stunt tracks. In addition, the title features local split-screen functionality for up to four.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Each level holds vibrant, flat-textured environments that compliment the animated Xbox Live Avatars. The soundtrack is upbeat with celebratory trumpets and drum beats.

Joy Ride Turbo is a solid arcade racer download for Xbox Live. While the title caters to a younger audience, the tight controls, online racing functionality, and Stunt Park levels provide enough boost for any racer.

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