Microsoft Corp.’s Dragon’s Lair for the Kinect for Xbox 360 is a dashing update that incorporates motion-based controls to the laser disc arcade classic.

Developed by Digital Leisure Inc., Dragon’s Lair allows users to control Dirk the Daring using traditional or motion-based controls using the Kinect sensor.

The title includes three difficulty options, one which users can’t die, another where several errors will result in death, and an option in which each error will cost Dirk a life.

Kinect sensor movements are simple and require users to hop up, down, left, or right, raise the right or left arm to swing across chasms, or waive their left or right arm to wield a sword. Movements must be made quickly like the arcade counterpart, however an early movement will only result in a reduction of points.

While most movements are detected without lag or error, the sword function in which users must wave their left or right arm must be done very deliberately in order to be detected correctly.

The Kinect version is divided into rounds. After each round a score is totaled and continues are replenished. The title does loop certain segments in each round, which may irk arcade purists.

The graphics engine utilizes the classic laser disc animation but is remastered for color and clarity. The detail and care used for the 1980’s issue is still visible with solid animation for action and even death sequences.

Dragon’s Lair for the Kinect is a solid update to a classic title. The new motion-based controls are mostly accurate and provide a new and energetic way to rescue the princess.

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