Microsoft Corp. this week said Minecraft for the Xbox 360 has sold one million units in the first week of sale in the Xbox Live Arcade divison.

The title has held 5.2 million online hours of play, four million total multiplayer sessions played, and 2.4 million hours of multiplayer sessions since launch.

Microsoft last week said Minecraft has sold more than any other title previously released in the first 24 hours in the Xbox Live Arcade, including Trials Evolution.

Developed by 4J Studios, Minecraft for Xbox 360 is a translation of the sandbox simulation title.

It includes a new training mode that guides new users into the crafting process. In addition, a new console-friendly crafting interface allow users to see exactly which materials are needed to craft each item.

In the title, users can craft and build items by chopping world items like trees, rocks, and sand to build an array of tools, fuel, and materials. Tools can be used to craft materials faster, fuel can heat items to form new product or food from the furnace, and materials can be used to build a shelter to keep safe from monsters.

It is available now at 1600 Microsoft Points.

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