Nintendo Co. this week said Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS will include online play.

Mario Tennis Open online play will include competitive and cooperative play in addition to local play. Users can build their Open Match standings, check monthly leaderboard stats and earn Victory Medals.

Additional modes include Ink Showdown to destroy ink balls from Piranha plants while hitting tennis balls away from the opponent.

Finally, the title will include StreetPass functionality to compete or cooperate in StreetPass Matches or Ring Shot challenges, and unlock new items to customize their Mii character.

Mario Tennis Open, to be sold May 20, will include a single-player match mode, competitive multiplayer for up to four, and online leaderboard standings.

The Special Games mode will allow users to train with games like Super Mario Tennis, which offers tennis drills with the ability to stomp Goombas and Koopas.

The final game includes the option to import a Mii character and customize players with gear like Bowser’s favorite racket, a Bullet Bill outfit and Peach’s tennis shoes.

The Nintendo 3DS has sold more than 4.5 million units in the U.S.

The hardware includes two screens, a 3D Depth Slider, a Circle Pad, a 2GB SD Card and 3-D display technology that does not require the use of special glasses.

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