Microsoft Corp.’s Fable Heroes for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a swashbuckling co-op adventure that summons the Fable universe to puppet form in a solid hack-n-slash action title for all ages.

Developed by Lionhead Studios, Fable Heroes includes four initial marionette-like characters, including Hero, Hammer, Reaver, and Garth. Each wields a specific attack skill and ability to upgrade their attack and defense options with coins at the end of each level.

The control setup is easy to learn, with a Light Attack, Flourish (Hard) Attack, Dodge, and Interact functions. Movement and action is solid with all action taken at a moderate pace.

Up to four players can venture in 3D lands amid a 2D plane offline and online to battle light-hearted enemies like Chesty, Hobbes, Beetles, and Hollow Men.

Each level includes a fork in the road that can lead to a boss or an extra mini-game. Along the way users can collect coins to be used in level-end board game to increase power and defense attributes.

In addition, players can pick up temporary power-up items like Giant Hero, Super Speed, Coin Cloud.

The graphics engine is colorful at 30 frames-per-second. Characters designs are a whimsical take on the Fable universe with generous and thoughtful animation to spring the caricatures to life. The sound engine is light-hearted fantasy fare that matches the playful nature of the title.

Fable Heroes is a solid beat-em-up for fans and casual players looking to band together in a light-hearted co-op journey. The title may not hold the depth of the franchise, but the download title is a worthy piece of treasure to share with friends.

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