Microsoft Corp.’s Trials Evolution for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a technical arcade racer that offers challenging, physics-based racing in arcade-friendly tracks.

Developed by RedLynx, Trials Evolution includes a Single Player Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Track Editor to create and share custom tracks.

Single Player mode allows users to earn licenses and medals through 60 tracks. In addition, users can unlock new bikes and accessories to customize their biker.

Multiplayer Mode includes local or online head-to-head Supercross races and four-player competitive races.

Tracks are a build on a 2D plane with a ¾ perspective, while all character models and construction are constructed in 3D.

Controls are straight-forward with analog triggers to accelerate and brake and left and right on the analog stick to lean back or lean forward.

Rather than accumulate points by performing stunts, the title only requires players to complete the track with limited crashes in the best time frame.

Users must apply gentle application of both gas and brake, in addition to minute adjustments in back and forward leans to prevent crashing and losing precious time.

The controls are excellent and provide a pitch-perfect balance between simulation and arcade controls to make the title challenge without tossing out the fun.

Tracks are well-constructed with plenty of ramps, inclines, and steep falls. In addition, the rag doll physics of the biker are hilariously painful to watch.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. The biker and all levels have vibrant and varied color palettes with plenty of explosive special effects.

The sound engine is good with clear loud bike engine buzzing and satisfying impact thuds amid collision.

Online play is lag free and fun with players using their physics-based expertise through short, multi-race challenges. Unlockable online modes include playing against user ghost data for an additional challenge.

Trials Evolution is a smart and fun physics-based download title for casual and core players. From high-flying air to devastating crashes, bikers won’t mind eating some dirt to stay in the race.

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