Capcom Co.’s World Gone Sour for the Playstation Network division and the Xbox Live division is a mediocre action platform download title that places the candy brand in a 2D side-scroller with fair levels and sticky controls.

In World Gone Sour, abandoned Sour Patch Kids are tossed into a trash bin at a movie theater and must walk their way out of the mess. The title includes single-player or two-player co-op functionality for the campaign.

Sour Patch Kids are versatile, with double-jump, wall-jump, shrink, and combine functionality to maneuver their way through each level.

The user can add a string of smaller Sour Patch Kid followers that can be tossed to activate switches or used to combine into a larger form for added attack strength.

The controls are a bit floaty, which ultimately requires users to correct jump distance or jump near enemies rather than stomp directly on them. Level construction is standard with obstacles like spiked pits and elementary puzzles.

The graphics engine is good at 30 frames-per-second. Sour Patch Kids are rendered in 3D fashion with gummy exteriors and comical animations. Backdrops are fair with over-sized objects to emphasize the tiny nature of the sticky heroes. The sound engine is fair with a consistent narrator to comment on each activity in the game.

World Gone Sour is a branded platformer that can temporarily satisfy fans hungry for action platforming. But the title’s floaty controls and standard levels may leave users to get their sour fix elsewhere.

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