Microsoft Corp.’s The Splatters for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a decent puzzler that relays liquid physics to fling acrobatic blobs and rid of all bombs on the screen.

The Splatters is a single-player puzzler in which users must clear all bomb items with large wide-eyed Splatter blobs.

Users can shoot each blob at a direct target or used in-level construction like ramps and spikes to boost speed and effectiveness.

In addition to a standard shot, users can change direction mid-shot to fling another direction, or dive bomb for more explosive results.

Controls and physics are good with users able to point their Splatter in any direction and utilize alternate stunt options to splat with realistic flair. Level design is decent with construction that forces users to deduce each object and number of Splatters available to complete the level.

To share score and stunt highlights, users can deploy Splatter TV to share clips or watch movies of other users and their techniques used to splat to victory.

The Splatters is a decent download for Xbox Live. The combination of action and stunt-based puzzles offers a new direction for puzzle fans to fly towards with minimal learning difficulty.

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