Polytron Corp. Inc.’s Fez for the Xbox Live division of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is a brilliant download title that warps 2D sprite-based gameplay into a 3D perspective for inventive platforming and puzzles in a charming world.

In Fez, the main character Gomez is witness to strange phenomenon that transforms his normal 2D 8-bit world into one with a third dimension. Gomez must find cubes scattered throughout the new 3D world and discover the truth about reality and perception.

Fez includes classic 2D gameplay from four 3D perspectives. Users can twist each cube-like level with the left and right triggers to reveal brand new areas or manipulate platforms to become closer to the next.

A total of eight small cubes are required to form one large cube. Each large cube can be used to open new areas, with certain doors requiring four, eight, or more cubes. Gomez can’t die and there are no enemies in the game, though Gomez can talk to other villagers which often yield thought-provoking commentary.

Level design is brilliant with each perspective holding a multitude of secrets, from new doors, to additional cubes, to climbable vines that were previously invisible. Each world is wholly unique from calming grassy mountains to cold, cosmic caverns. In addition, each new door warps to a whole new dimension with another endless array of platforming.

The graphics engine is beautiful with well-drawn sprite-based objects, each with four perspectives. The sound engine is a digital symphony filled with classic 8-bit instruments and sound effects.

Fez is a groundbreaking download title that marvels with familiarity and originality. From platforming to puzzles, the title was built with care to remind users that the past has place in future.

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