NIS America Inc.’s Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is a solid download strategy RPG for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita. The title includes brand-new story content, touch functionality, and a new tier of magic to cast the ultimate version of the strategy title to handheld.

In Disgaea 3, student Master Mao is enthralled in a classic hero novel that leaves the No. 1 Honor Roll student on a quest to find the meaning of love and justice. The principles are the exact opposite that is expected of students at The Nether Institute Evil Academy, which makes it an even more devilish pursuit.

New to the PS Vita a two-episode side story with two new characters and new stories. In addition, the Tera tier level of magic to offer customizable super attacks that feature cameo characters.

Also, a new GPS function tracks physical travel while playing the game which builds a stat called the Honor Quotient.

The standard battle mechanics are straight-forward. Players can pick an array of party characters from a portal, confirm all battle actions, then execute and end their turn.

All functions are offered in a simple menu interface and tutorials can ease new players into basic and advanced mechanics.

The entry introduced the Double Throw to the battle system, which allows players to choose which character to toss in a tower. In Disgaea, players can form a literal stack of characters on one square.

Also available is a ‘Throw and Receive’ function where players can throw a human to monster, which will lead to another toss in the faced direction. Each new feature allows players to strategically place certain characters in or out of battle situations.

Finally, MagiChange allows a human and monster character to combine forces for extra power. The monster turns into a special weapon that a human character can hold.

Like prior entries players can enter the Item World, a world inside the item that contains battle maps that must be cleared to earn experience.

The rear touch-panel zoom function keeps the battle grid sharp at all angles, and the new front touch access functionality guides the cursor through all items with ease.

Disgaea 3 looks great on the PS Vita with sharp sprites, 3D backdrops and crystal-clear text. In addition, the in-game cinematics offer well-produced hand-drawn close-ups of each character.

The soundtrack is traditional upbeat J-pop, at times with full vocals at various in-game locations that sound clear via the PS Vita speakers. The English voice acting is top-notch and relay the wackiness of the series’ characters well.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is a great mobile download for the PS Vita. The new features, solid battle mechanics and strong strategic roots offer a top tactical handheld game for new and old fans.

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