Microsoft Corp.’s Diabolical Pitch for the Kinect for Xbox 360 is a winning download title that offers fast-throwing arcade pitching against an army of demonic dolls.

In Diabolical Pitch, a downbeat pitcher is outfitted with a bionic arm regains his confidence in a twisted theme park full of demonic dolls.

The title includes a single-player and a local multiplayer mode for two-player co-op action.

With Kinect, users can throw baseballs to knock out incoming mascot dolls one by one. In addition, users deploy a kick to nearby dolls with limited use. For enhanced accuracy, users can use their non-pitching hand to wield a real-time cursor to aim direct pitches at dolls.

To defend against incoming projectiles, users can hold both hands out and catch with their mitt. In all cases, the Kinect was able to detect a catch without issue.

A super move called the Diabolical Charge can be utilized after a build-up of several direct enemy hits. Users simply form a stance then finish with a gesture command. For example users raise both hands to initiate a standard Diabolical Charge fire attack and wave both hands down to unleash it upon multiple enemies.

Each level includes a boss enemy that requires a bit more strategy to take down, including missiles that must be targeted before a pitch.

Around enemies lie slot machine icons can carry extra point values. Users can pitch to hit each icon and gain extra points that are subsequently used to unlock cards for new pitch powers or support items.

Between levels, users can change their Diabolical Pitch to utilize different powers, like Lightning or a Cannon Ball.

Controls are pitch perfect with the Kinect offering 60 frames-per-second and 1-to-1 ratio motion tracking to deliver fast and accurate pitches. Performing Diabolical Charge moves are a blast and in multiplayer mode users can team up with special gesture moves to deploy two-player blows.

The graphics engine is solid 60 frames-per-second. The dark theme park is well-constructed and littered with demonic mascots that carry a twisted tone. Music and sound effects are upbeat in true arcade form.

Diabolical Pitch is a fast-paced title that tosses fast motion-based action in a download SKU. While the title doesn’t hold a massive number of levels, the game’s solid design will have all users itching to pitch another fastball.

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