Microsoft Corp.’s South Park Tenorman’s Revenge is solid download platform title that offers authentic franchise characters in a war against an arch enemy and his army of Ginger bots.

In South Park Tenorman’s Revenge, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny battle Scott Tenorman after he steals their Xbox hard drive and deploys an army of Ginger bots to South Park.

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny each have a unique attacks. For example, Cartman has a belly barge that can break down walls and reach near areas, while Stan can toss a football that can knock down robots or activate switches.

Users can utilize each character’s alter ego super hero at select parts of the game. In addition, levels include pick-up items like bats and crowbars that are destroyed after a few uses.

Levels are multi-leveled tiered structures that require users to utilize character abilities to jump, crawl, and climb through to the next warp area. Along the way, players collect Time Particles to reverse the amount of time spent in the level and achieve a higher score. Also, users can collect hard-to-reach Time Cores to unlock new levels.

Controls are decent, with each character able to hop on robots and jump with a floaty ease. Traditional platform tricks like spiked ceilings and laser beams uphold a bit of challenge.

The final game includes four-player local and online co-op that works well in the large zoomed-out levels. With each character holding a unique abilities, co-op play can lead to unlock more level areas and ultimately additional levels.

The graphics engine is standard with flat-shaded characters and rigid animation direct from the animated series. The voice work is great with all humor and profanities from the show worked into the plot of the game.

South Park Tenorman’s Revenge is a great casual title for platform enthusiasts and fans. The solid gameplay and trademark humor transport the South Park gang into a game worth saving to the hard drive.

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