Microsoft Corp.’s Sine Mora for the Xbox Live Arcade division of the Xbox 360 is a masterpiece 2D shooter that deftly fires a mass of bullets and strong level design to offer casual and core shooting fans a depth heavy download title for the next-generation.

Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Sine Mora features Ronotra Koss, a serial revenge killer determined to infiltrate the Siriad fortress and avenge his son’s death.

Sine Mora

The title includes a Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Score Attack, and Boss Training.

The 2D horizontal shooter utilizes 3D graphics to guide users through enemy territory. The D-Pad offers tight movement to dodge a mob of enemy bullets while the buttons offer a main weapon and powerful secondary weapon. Weapon upgrades and point bonuses can be nabbed from downed enemy ships. In addition, each level includes large, multi-part boss characters to take down.

Users can yield a limited time slow down function in dodge a bullet-filled screen and navigate out of harm’s way.

When the ship takes damage, power-ups are relinquished and users have a few second to recover them. The power-ups act as a buffer to death and can be recovered after every hit.

The bullet placement and variety is excellent to offer nostalgic shooter fans a true challenge. Levels range from standard air dogfights to mine-filled underwater passages to narrow caverns that must be carefully navigated.

The graphics engine is great at 60 frames-per-second. The characters and dark storyline compliment a world of vibrant locations and well-constructed boss characters. Sound effects are nicely produced throughout the title.

Sine Mora is a fine 2D shooting experience. Fans new and old will relish to navigate each storm of bullets with pristine gameplay set in a complex world.

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