Nintendo Co.’s Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS ranked as the top-selling game product at GameStop Corp. this week post release of the title.

This week, Kid Icarus: Uprising ranked as the No. 1 best-selling product at

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a new third-person action shooter.

A new system called the Fiend’s Cauldron allows users to adjust the intensity level of the game by increments of .1 by betting a number of Hearts into the Fiend’s Cauldron. An increased intensity will earn more Hearts and more powerful weapon drops. If Hearts are bet and the player is defeated, some Hearts are lost and the intensity level falls.

New items include bow and claw weapons and Exo Tank vehicles.

The final game includes a stand that holds the Nintendo 3DS at an angle on a flat surface to offer precise left analog control and right-handed stylus play. In addition, the title is compatible with the optional Circle Pad Pro accessory.

Each copy sold includes a set of AR Cards that will feature characters, enemies, bosses, weapons and items from the game to unlock a corresponding Idol. Also, users can view each item in 3D with the Nintendo 3DS camera.

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