Capcom Co.’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a decent squad-based shooter that injects standard aim-and-shoot fare, though the title loses its franchise DNA in the experiment.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, developed by Slant Six Games, includes a full campaign with co-op online functionality. Users choose between Umbrella Security Service team members to wipe out evidence of the company’s involvement in the Raccoon City incident. Players will make their way through a myriad of Resident Evil locations like the Raccoon City Police Station and Umbrella Laboratories.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Each soldier includes a loadout with active and passive abilities that can be purchased with acquired XP points. Abilities like extra health sprays or active camouflage help distinguish each player, but none of the missions require the expertise of any one soldier.

Aim-and-shoot properties are solid with default aim movement and the ability to zoom with the left trigger. Users can choose an alternate sub-firearm with the left trigger. Weapons like the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun perform well in combat.

The D-pad offers easy access to supplemental items like First Aid, Infection Spray, and Grenades. Downed enemies litter the ground with additional herbs and grenades, though ammo can be hard to find in certain areas.

The auto-cover system, which places users in cover when pressed against an object, isn’t as sticky or useful as need be and would have functioned better with a button press. In addition, users can’t hop over small barricades or evade to make each soldier stiff in combat. A melee system helps to fend off minor enemies but can turn the player in the wrong direction to miss the intended target.

Unlike prior Resident Evil titles, enemies like zombies, Crimson Heads, Lickers, and Hunters absorb a ton of bullets before death to keep the challenge level high in squad-based combat. Though enemies lack of sense of reaction to each hit to make it difficult to determine weapon damage.

Online co-op with up to four users is decent as soldiers battle through hordes of zombies, Spec Ops, and B.O.W.s. The campaign story is thin but offers plenty to shoot and provides an alternate perspective to the events of Resident Evil 2.

Multiplayer competitive modes like Team Attack to pit teams of four against each other amid a mob of zombies, or Heroes Mode to try to battle against Resident Evil veterans, offer an addictive quality as players scramble to survive haphazard opponents and AI enemies.

Netcode is solid to auto-connect users to any current match or choose to start their own with ease. In-game lag was minimal in most multiplayer sessions.

While both co-op and competitive modes are competent, neither matches the orchestration or intensity of Capcom’s internal Resident Evil: Mercenaries side game.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second with reconstructed Resident Evil sets and characters. While the graphics and special effects are well-built, many of the environments are too dark and constructed in a bland manner that lack the charm and detail of prior titles.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a standard squad-based shooter with or without the brand name. The title successfully deploys a solid online co-op and competitive component, through the trademark genes of the Resident Evil franchise are left for dead.

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