Remedy Entertaiment’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is a solid download title that reloads shooting action against a creepy American town backdrop.

In Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, author Alan Wake must battle against creatures from the shadows called the Taken and an arch rival doppelganger Mr. Scratch. Wake, who is stuck in an episode of Night Springs written by himself, must piece together his story correctly in order to prevent darkness to enter the realm of reality.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

The narrative takes place in a small town in Arizona during the evening. Armed with a flashlight used to stun the Taken, Wake must utilize a local arsenal including rifles, shotguns, nail guns, and flares.

Users aim the flashlight with the L trigger to concentrate a beam on an enemy prior to each shot. Flashlight battery can deplete and requires the user to insert a battery after each level is lost.

Shooting action is fun and pitch perfect with default settings. Wake is agile to move quickly around or away from enemies.

Objectives are pinpointed on a radar in the upper left. Each objective is relatively simple and requires Wake to battle a range of Taken in each area. When a mob of enemies overwhelm, Wake can dash with the LB button toward a light source. Select light posts act as checkpoints that save player progress.

The graphics engine is excellent at 30 frames-per-second. Wake’s flashlight acts as the only light source in many locations to offer only a glimpse of visibility, while defeated enemies explode into shards of light. The Arizona town is well-constructed an effectively coveys a desolate old town in a frightful manner.

The final game includes a Story Mode and Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode allows users to enter survival-based missions in various locations to defeat Taken enemies and earn a high score.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is a solid follow-up to Alan Wake. The digital download title expands on the franchise with a creepy new location and a sinister evil twin plot as classic as any American novel.

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