Capcom Co. this week released new details for Resident Evil 6 for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360.

Resident Evil 6 will take place in 2013. Chris Redfield will venture to a fictitious coastal town in China called Lanshiang to rejoin BSAA members and uncover a bioterrorist attack in the region.

Meanwhile, Leon S. Kennedy has been recruited as a U.S. government agent by Adam Benford. Benford later became the President of the United States. Helena Harper is Leon’s government agent ally. Ingrid Hunnigan from Resident Evil 4 returns as Field Operations Support for Leon.

The third unnamed protagonist is a mercenary combating B.O.W.s in Eastern Europe.

The new control system allows users shoot while moving, roll in any direction, take cover and perform an enhanced melee attack.

Zombies can now run, jump, and even utilize weapons in attack. A new enemy called J’avo can understand speech, work in teams, and use weapons. In addition, it can regenerate itself and mutate a body part to require users to adapt their gameplay.

Resident Evil 6 will feature a single-player and co-op campaign mode to include Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, in addition to new characters in a dramatic global horror crisis.

In a multi-story arc, Leon S. Kennedy confronts an infected President of the United States, while Chris Redfield arrives in China under the threat of a bioterrorist attack.

The final game will include three playable characters and an overhauled control system.

The Resident Evil video game franchise has sold more than 47 million copies worldwide to date. The live action movies have grossed more than $525 million in global markets.

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