Warner Bros. Interactive Inc.’s Gotham City Imposters for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Network division and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live division is a solid first-person shooter that pits budding thugs who identify with Batman and The Joker against each other.

The online-only title includes several versus modes for up to 12 players, including Deathmatch, Fumigation to capture Gasblasters, Psych Warfare to grab batteries and plug them in to demoralize enemies, and Challenges.

Gotham City Imposters

In addition to standard run-and-gun battles, Gotham City Imposters offers a welcome does of dexterity to shoot-outs. Users can grapple to reel themselves to a higher plane, jump off ramps to leap away or dive in mid-air and attack, or glide from an air vent or jump.

Controls are great with solid default aim and shooting properties. The main weapon, sub weapons, items, and gadgets are accessible and easy to use in action.

Default loadouts include Striker, Scout, Defender, Medic, and Sniper, each with a range of standard FPS guns for shooters to nab a quick fix.

Users can customize their character with custom loadouts, identification cards, and more.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Characters are well detailed against well-contructed Gotham City locations. The sound engine is a light-hearted variation of Batman themes that tie to whimsical spirit of the title.

Gotham City Imposters is a fun quick fix DLC title that nicely pits Bats against Jokerz. The maneuverability brought from ramps, hooks, and vents, sprays a bright smile of paint over the traditional FPS.

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