Namco Bandai Games America Inc. this week demonstrated Touch My Katamari for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita at the Vita Hill Social Club media event in Los Angeles.

Touch My Katamari will include a range of new control options, including the ability to stretch or squeeze their katamari using the rear touch panel or main touch screen.

In combination with dual analog controls, the rear touch panel offered a great way to manipulate the katamari through levels that offered a wide spread of trash and narrow passages.

In addition, users can take their hands off the analog sticks to adjust the katamari with the main touch screen.

For a complete touch experience, users can control the entire game with the main touch screen by swiping up to roll the katamari and swiping in opposite directions with each thumb simultaneously to turn left or right.

The final game will include DLC options to expand the functionality of the game.

Touch My Katamari will be sold as launch title for the PS Vita in Feb. 2012.


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