Sony Corp. this week demonstrated the Playstation Vita at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The display version held a solid operating system that allows users to touch on-screen icons and multitask between applications easily.

For example, users can press the ‘PS’ button during a game to pause the title, then touch left or right arrows to jump straight into another app. The system offers a prompt to disclaim the unit will shut down the current application and jump straight into the next application in seconds.

Load times depended on each software build. Most games required about five seconds to load.

The 5-inch OLED display is incredibly vibrant at 960 x 544 resolution. Many titles exhibit near Playstation 3-level graphics with slightly less complex polygonal builds and textures.

In addition, the touch sensitivity on the front display and rear touch panel are excellent and offer solid touch controls for gameplay or menu options.

The PS Vita features a wide build but is lightweight and easy to hold with one hand for touch-enabled titles.

The Wi-Fi SKU will sell at $249.99. The 3G model will sell at $299.99.

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