Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is a fun and satisfying shooter that is easy to get into, and offers several hours of mindless insect blasting for gamers with twitchy trigger fingers. D3Publisher of America Inc.’s budget title may not have a deep story line or a plethora of game options, but it serves as a quick distraction for both seasoned and casual gamers alike.

EDF offers a low cost-of-entry for those with modest gaming rigs. Any Core 2 Duo with 2GB of memory and a fairly recent GeForce or Radeon graphics card can join in on the insect bashing. The game features a campaign mode where gamers are tasked with protecting New Detroit armed with various assault rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, and armor. Upgradeable armor classes provide a shallow level of customization, though the main draw for those with insect blood lust will be collecting the various available weapons.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

A three player co-op and a six-player survival mode helps provide some variety to the game. Blasting insects with other aspiring exterminators is ultimately more tactical than relying on the drone squads in single-player mode.

The 15 levels of the single-player campaign provides instant action, often dropping players in the middle of an insect firefight. Level bosses can get gigantic, making using giant cannons and grenade launchers all the more satisfying. Although never overly-challenging, the boss fights easily are the best aspect of playing through the campaign. The title also provides a decent amount of insect types to blast. With targets ranging from giant garden-variety ants, flying mosquitoes, and colossal robots, EDF keeps rounding city corners interesting.

Although graphically adequate, even on the most pimped out gaming rig, the game is not going to scorch eyeballs with its detail. EDF does its best with destructible environments and over-the-top explosions, just don’t expect realistic Hollywood type special effects even on the highest resolution setting. In-game dialogue is straight out of a science-fiction B movie – which makes it easy for gamers to re-live their Starship Troopers fantasies. The sound is also standard shooter fair; explosions boom, buildings crumble with a crunch, and insects shriek as expected. The generic hard rocking soundtrack pulls it all together enough to blend into the background.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon does not excel in any one particular area, but does deliver fun. Gamers will not clamor for its graphics, revolutionary game modes, engrossing story, or soundtrack. Instead, it promises insect blasting action and delivers lots of it. At the end of the mission, buyers will get what they pay for and what they expect – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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