Hello Games’ Joe Danger Special Edition for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a hot stunt-based download title that revs easy controls and strong physics for a top ride.

Joe Danger Special Edition features several modes including Career, the Laboratory to complete specific developer challenges, Multiplayer for local two-player split-screen racing, and the Sandbox to build custom levels.

Joe Danger Special Edition

Each level is constructed in an isometric view with multiple ramps, loops, hurdles, and spikes to race through. Users press the trigger to accelerate, hold X to duck and let go of X to perform a small hop. The LB and RB buttons allow users to perform multiple grabs and holds in mid-air. The left analog allows racers to move between different planes, perform wheelies, and lean forward.

Users must collect a number of stars to clear the level or the letters ‘DANGER’ to unlock new levels.

Each stunt builds the boost meter to allow Joe Danger to boost to catch bigger air and perform extreme stunts.

The physics engine is excellent with analog pitch and speed affecting each stunt. Danger’s bike can be tightly controlled in mid-air to land directly on a bumper and collect all level stars. Joe Danger even holds his own rag doll physics to relay horrific results in each crash.

The split-screen local mode is fun to compete against friends in a selection or pre-built levels. Also, users enter Sandbox mode to easily plant multiple ramps, spikes, and loops for custom level construction that can be shared with friends.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Levels pop with bright color and clean lines against basic polygonal builds. The split-screen drops the frame rate to 30, but it perfectly playable.

Joe Danger Special Edition is a solid download title. The physics-based stunt action across a large number of levels offer dangerous racing action for any budding hot rod.

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