Nintendo Co.’s Fortune Street for Wii is an addictive board game title that offers strategic play for investors of all ages.

In Fortune Street, up to four players use Ready Cash to buy up property and accumulate the most Net Worth. Most spaces on the game board consist of shops that can be purchased. After a shop purchase, the owner collects cash from any player who lands on the property. The game ends when a player reaches the goal net worth amount.

Fortune Street

Investors who land on property they own can upgrade their shop to collect more cash. Each property has a different value and owners can choose to invest a small or large amount of Ready Cash to improve the property. Rival investors who land on an owned property have the option to purchase the shop, but at five times the current value.

In addition, the game board includes card suits. When the club, diamond, heart, and spade suits are collected and returned to the Bank, users earn a promotion and cash that contributes to their Ready Cash and Net Worth.

Other spaces offer one-time variables to the game. For example, the moon space closes the owner’s shops for the day so they are unable to collect revenue and a Venture Card offers a random variable that can help or hurt a player. 

Normal Mode adds two layers of strategy to the game – Districts and Stocks. Districts separate the game board into various colors. Owners can attempt to purchase a large portion of a district to monopolize the area. Districts that hold the most investments hold the greatest stock value. Players can purchase stock in each district to increase the value of all shops and receive dividends when added investments are made.

Users who spend all their Ready Cash can opt to auction shops or sell stock to receive cash back.

In addition to local play, users can log in to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play with up to three other players worldwide.

The title also includes fan service to Nintendo Co. and Square Enix Holdings Co. characters, from Mario to the Slime from the Dragon Quest franchise.

Fortune Street is a solid investment for any board game fan. From basic property-snatching to dominating districts, the title is no risk and all reward.

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