Microsoft Corp.’s Fusion: Genesis for the Xbox Live of the Xbox 360 is standard stick shooter that includes RPG elements ultimately plagued by mediocre missions.

In Fusion: Genesis, users begin as a lab assistant subsequently thrust into a galactic conflict. After an upgrade to a ship with customizable parts, users must enter into different factions to complete missions to earn XP and advance the plot.

Fusion: Genesis

The controls are solid with the left analog stick for movement and right analog stick to shoot. The initial ship holds two weapons slots for a rail gun and Sentient 1 Tank.

Once deployed, users can join a faction to purchase ships, embark on missions, purchase auction items and from other users.

While enemy shooting is fun, faction missions can be tedious. Missions include flying to a waypoint, mining asteroids for ore, blasting space junk, escaping a battle, and possibly destroying enemies.

Multiplayer options include forming a squadron with four players, though the title does include an organizational screen to keep all users in check. A co-op survival and versus mode offers an improved experience to survive waves of enemies or battle against another user.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Spacecraft and various locations are well-defined with vivid neon colors and sharp detail. The sound effects are decent and offer good blast sounds and mechanical ambience.

Fusion: Genesis is a standard shooter that is a bit empty in the vast universe. While shooting mechanics against enemy ships is solid, the journey is laborious without a significant intergalactic bounty.

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