Namco Bandai Games America Inc.’s Active Life: Magical Carnival for Wii is a standard mini-game compilation that includes a large number of activities for younger attendees.

Active Life: Magical Carnival includes the Dream Attractions mode to visit each theme park and unlock new games, Party at the Park to enter in a party mode for up to 10 users, and Free Play to enter any mini-game.

Active Life: Magical Carnival

The Dream Attractions park is divided into five zones – Horror Zone, Fantasy Zone, Carnival Zone, Pirate Zone, and Circus Zone.

Each zone includes Attraction Tickets to enter a mini-game. Additional tickets must be unlocked. When users complete a mini-game with a passing grade their photo is taken and placed on the attraction ticket, which is used to market the theme park and attract more visitors.

Activities are varied and make decent use of the Active Life Mat. Haunted House allows users to walk or run in place through a virtual house; Ghost Hunter allows users to zap ghosts with the Wii Remote and stomp on the mat to lure red ghosts; Magic Carpet allows users to use their palms and lean left or right through an on-rails level; Ball Rolling Challenge allows users to press their palm on the left mat button to push a rolling ball into a metal ramp; in Motorbike Challenge users press left and right on the mat to bike in a circular sphere to collect balloons; and Tight Rope lets users keep the Wii Remote steady while walking on the Active Life Mat and jumping over obstacles.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 to 60 frames-per-second. Colors are vibrant and users can import their Mii character to customize the experience. The sound engine is standard with tunes that reflect the mood of each theme park.

Active Life: Magical Carnival is a decent mini-game collection that further extends the use of the Active Life Mat. At under $30, children can enter into another set of mini-games, though with less innovation than Active Life: Explorer.

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