Disney Interactive Studios Inc.’s Disney Universe for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360, Nintendo Co.’s Wii, and the PC is a solid action puzzler that builds levels to be deconstructed using a multitude of interactive objects.

In Disney Universe, users enter trademark Disney franchise worlds, from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Lion King to Aladdin, to solve puzzles built into each animated level while battling virus-like enemies that have invaded the virtual world.

Disney Universe

Users can customize their character with outfits from Disney franchises, including Mickey, Pixar characters, and even Tron. New costumes can be unlocked through level progression.

Control is simple with Attack, Jump, and Grab buttons. A mob of viral minions can be combo attacked with melee and jump attack options. Level interaction includes moving a cannon turret to a stand in order to blast targets that subsequently lower a bridge. Other tasks include morphing into a zombie in order to walk in poisonous water to unlock an above-water area.

Also, power-ups can be nabbed to provide a short boost of extra attack power.

In each level, users can collect gold by defeating enemies. Gold can be used to purchase new worlds to explore. In addition, users can find additional items to unlock extras like concept art.

Each level is well-constructed with plenty of puzzles that intertwine with each other. Users can perish and lose gold, though there are unlimited lives for all.

The game is best played with friends. The title supports up to four-player local co-op and allows the level’s puzzles to be divided among each player.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Each Disney world is well-textured against colorful pallets and strong animation. The sound engine is standard and utilizes classic themes from each franchise.

Disney Universe is a solid action puzzle title. While many puzzles will cater towards a younger audience, the whole family can work together to save this virtual world.

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