Microsoft Corp. this week said the new Task Manager for the Windows 8 operating system will include new features to help identify and close intensive programs.

The Windows 8 Task Manager will initially prompt view of Application processes, including those unresponsive, rather than an entire list of background PC tasks likely unrelated to the problem. From there, users can close the program end the task in one click.

Windows 8 Task Manager

Additionally, programs will be listed in a Friendly Name format to allow better understanding of each process. A right-click of the process will open a menu that includes a search for the process term in a default search engine.

The new Heatmap function in Task Manager will include CPU, Memory, Disk and Network counters to detail the percentage of usage each process is utilizing. Ending a CPU intensive task will dynamically adjust the total usage of the CPU by all tasks.

Finally, all processes will grouped under a main parent process to better to understand how each is associated.

Windows 8, to be sold in 2012, will include a new Metro interface to offer a user-friendly tile-based interface from the Windows Phone OS.

The Metro UI will include touch-functionality for tablets in addition to traditional mouse and keyboard support.

New functionality includes widget icons that include updated information and the ability to pin and dock two programs in the same space.

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