Hewlett Packard Co. this week said it will investigate claims that select units of the TouchPad tablet were sold to consumers with Google Inc.’s Android OS pre-installed.

Phillip Robb, director of the Open Source Program Office for HP, wrote to a developer this week that the company has begun an internal investigation of TouchPad tablets purchased with a version of Android installed, and that it did not authorize the sale of such a product.

“We have confirmed that HP never authorized the distribution of any version of Android on the HP Touchpad,” Robb wrote.

“In addition, from a review of our manufacturing process, we believe that all TouchPad units have been shipped out of manufacturing with the webOS operating system only, and that no Touchpad units were shipped with Android, even by mistake.”

Robb declined the developer’s request for the company to release the Android source code utilized in a TouchPad with Android pre-installed due to the company never authorizing distribution of binaries for Android in association with the HP TouchPad.

HP Aug. 19 price cut the TouchPad 16GB SKU to $99.99 from $499.99 and the 32GB SKU to $149.99 from $599.99 due to lackluster sales.

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