Microsoft Corp.’s Orcs Must Die for the Xbox Live division of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is no frills action title that offers quick action against waves of angry orcs.

In the third-person action title, the player is armed with a melee, projectile weapon, and a range of traps that can be set in each dungeon to kill waves of invading orcs.

Orcs Must Die

Traps include tar, spiked floors, spiked walls, and grenade barrels to watch incoming orcs meet their doom with environmental destruction.

Each orc kill adds currency which the player can use in real-time to add more traps in the location.

After each wave, users can recover to build added traps and unleash the next wave with the press of a button.

In between each level, users can upgrade traps with currency.

Action is fast and fun as wave of orcs are shot with projectiles and killed with multiple traps. Orcs become more aggressive in each level, with stronger enemies and projectile shots. Control is snappy with quick movement and the ability to set traps easily in a grid-based format.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Levels and character builds are well-constructed with good animation. The soundtrack is upbeat with decent sound effects from orc grunts to trap evisceration.

Orcs Must Die is a quick death fix that combines standard action with strategic trap placement. The download title is straight-forward fun with enough orc torture to satisfy.

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