Pre-order sales for Bethesda Softworks’ Rage for the Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 rode to the top 30 this week at Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online division amid strong demand for the new IP.

This week, the Rage PS3 SKU ranked as the No. 30 best-selling pre-order product at

The Rage Xbox 360 SKU held a 20 percent sales increase to rank at No. 20 in the same period.

This week, customers who pre-order Rage will receive a $10 Credit and an upgrade to the Anarchy Edition, which includes four in-game unlocks.

Rage, to be sold Oct. 4, is a new first-person shooter that includes single-player and co-op functionality.

The final game includes vehicle combat, custom vehicle upgrades, and the new id Tech 5 engine.

Sony in Aug. price cut the PS3 160GB SKU to $249.99.

In addition, the PS3 320GB Move Bundle now sells at $349.99.

The new Playstation 3 320GB Infamous 2 Bundle includes the PS3 320GB hardware SKU, Infamous 2, a 30-day Playstation Plus trail membership and Dualshock 3 Controller at $299.99.

Finally, the Playstation 3 320GB Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Bundle will sell in Nov. at $299.99

Microsoft in Sept. began sale of the limited edition Xbox 360 320GB Gears of War 3 Bundle at $399.99.

The Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle, to be sold Nov. 8, will include an Xbox 360 320GB SKU with custom Modern Warfare 3 graphics and sounds, two custom wireless controllers, special Avatar items, Bluetooth Headset, and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 at $399.99.

In 2012 it will sell the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Bundle at $449.99.

Current Xbox 360 stand-alone SKUs include the Xbox 360 250GB hardware at $299.99 and the Xbox 360 4GB hardware at $199.99.

Bundle SKUs include the Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Special Edition Bundle at $399.99 and the Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect bundle at $299.99.

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