Treasure Inc.’s Radiant Silvergun for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a retro blast that offers hardcore shooting action and a large weapon variety.

Radiant Silvergun, released in the arcade in 1998, is a vertical shooter that employs a seven-weapon shooting system available at all times. Each weapon, from standard shots to homing missiles to a melee sword can offer a variety of strategy to beating enemies.

Radiant Silvergun

A swarm of tiny to large-scale enemies litter the screen with bullets that require tight dodging maneuvers in combination with the best weapon choice for the enemy.

Bonus points are earned when users destroy enemies in a chain.

The graphics engine is updated with high-definition visuals and left and right borders with ship and weapon information.

In addition users can play local or online co-op via Xbox Live, access online leaderboards, and download or share replays.

Radiant Silvergun is a classic shooter that fires a strong challenge and a wealth of weapon options for core fans. Despite an aged appearance the title still offers top-grade action.

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