Microsoft Corp.’s Crimson Alliance for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is solid action RPG that includes four-player co-op for quick dungeon-based hack-n-slash action.

In Crimson Alliance, a Mercenary, Assassin, and Wizard trek to Byzan to prevent the evil Soul Siren from rule and destruction of the once thriving empire.

Crimson Alliance

Each character class, which must be purchased via Microsoft Points, yields a combination of melee or projectile attacks. Each character includes two main attacks, projectile, dash, and block functionality.

In each dungeon, users can pick up weapons and armor that can be upgraded via an in-game menu. In addition, users can nab health, treasure, and pick-up items like barrels to hurl at demonic enemies.

The control setup is standard with quick movement and all functions accessible via the face buttons and triggers.

The game is best played with friends locally or via Xbox Live with up to four users in different classes to provide a mix of melee and magic to defeat a mob of enemies.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Each character yields a color-specific circle to help define each user amid a mass of projectiles. The sound engine is standard with small beats of death that trickle from each defeated demon.

Crimson Alliance is a solid DLC action title that provides a quick fix amid a large number of dungeon levels. While the on-screen action can fill with clutter, the title is a decent trek with a band of capable wizards and warriors.

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