NIS America Inc.’s ClaDun X2 for Sony Corp.’s PSP is a solid dungeon crawler RPG that includes classic combat and graphics in a DLC package.

ClaDun X2 includes character customization functionality to allow users to create multiple heroes, including warrior, wizard, saint, guardian, ranger, merchant, swordmage options.

ClaDun X2

Additional personality traits like samurai, easy-going, loner, chicken, rascal, scholar, reluctant, will determine speech in the title.

Also, users can place relationship traits between up to four characters like family, brother, sister, mentor, lover, like, hate, help, comrade, rival, enemy. The options have no bearing on the game but can be micromanaged for self-interest.

In the land of Arcanus Cella, users can enter a dungeon from the start menu or traverse town areas to speak to villagers and upgrade weapons. Any customizations can be accessed from the start menu for quick changes.

In dungeons, users can attack, defend, jump, run and slide. Each monster will move in random patterns and include specific attacks. Users can increase damage by striking from behind or utilizing Mana spell options. Combat is fun with tight d-pad and button controls.

The title includes a grid-based system called the Magic Circle to combine sub-character power to the main character and artifact items to change Attack, Defend, or SP stats. Created characters can be inserted into the grid to offer options like increased HP.

The graphics engine is sharp at 30 frames-per-second. Sprite-based characters, monsters, and dungeons offer a nice retro feel with a great soundtrack that includes classic flutes and upbeat jazz tunes.

ClaDun X2 is a solid DLC RPG. The easy gameplay and in-depth options offer a lighthearted dungeon crawl with lively conversation at home or in the field.

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