Microsoft Corp.’s Hole in the Wall for the Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 is a decent DLC motion title that relays the hit game show with a no-frills interface.

Hole in the Wall includes two game modes – Quick Survival and Show. Each mode allows up to two teams of two compete to pose correctly in order to make it through a passing wall.

Hole in the Wall

Show mode allows users to compete in different territories, each of which must be unlocked.

The Kinect does a solid job of capturing one of two players by placing a mirror image of the player on the screen.

The shadow will change in color from red to green, with the latter indicating that the player is the right pose to pass through the wall.

Each game in Show mode includes three rounds and a Final Round to complete.

During each pose the Kinect will take photos of the player, each of which can be saved and viewed later for instant humiliation.

Users are allowed three chances to pass through the wall in one round. When all three chances are taken, the users are pushed into virtual water to try again.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per second. The interface and game show construction is fair, though the Xbox Live Avatars and animation integrate well into the game.

Hole in the Wall is a decent DLC for fans of the game show. The solid motion tracking and budget price is a cheap party that can be thrown by all ages.

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