Signal Studios’ Toy Soldiers: Cold War for Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360 is a solid war simulation title that includes fast action strategy gameplay, local and online co-op, and arsenal of weaponry to win the good fight.

In Toy Soldiers: Cold War, action toys battle against an opposing army by placing combined infantry and weaponry in build-unit spaces. Units include Machine Guns, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, and Mortar, all of which can be repaired, upgraded, sold, or individually commanded by the user.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Each unit includes solid aim controls to blast incoming enemies. The simple interface makes it easy to make in-battle adjustments amid the simulated chaotic warfare.

With a wave of multiple kills, users can deploy extra attack barrages, like a lone commando that has limited life and wields a machine gun and rocket launcher to wreak havoc, or artillery strikes and nuke missiles.

Users have a 30-second interval between each wave of attacks to rebuild their assets and fight another swarm of troops, tanks, helicopters, and more.

Additional equipment include RC helicopters that run on batteries. Additional battery life can be obtained in the sky above enemy territory.

When enough enemies invade the user’s Toy Box space, the game ends.

Local co-op mode offers a vertical split screen, or users can team up in online co-op. Co-op play is blast for two-players and allows each user to co-manage and strategize.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Toy soldiers and enemy units explode with satisfying flair with great sound samples for weaponry and damage.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a solid blast for Xbox Live. The easy strategy action combined with local and online co-op options make it easy to blow up everything in a plastic playground.

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