NIS America Inc.’s Bleach: Soul Resurrection for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 is a fluid fight in the franchise universe, with non-stop enemies and varied combat.

Bleach: Soul Resurrection modes include Mission for campaign action, Soul Attack to take on special online ranking tasks, Level Up to use accumulated Soul Points to upgrade character stats, and Collection to view character models unlocked in mission mode.

Bleach: Soul Resurrection

Mission is free-roam campaign mode to use 21 characters from the game. Each character has a specific skill set that includes weapon or Pressure Attacks, the latter of which drains a regenerative meter.

Control is slick with attack, charge attack, jump, block, lock-on, dash, and super move functionality. The L2 button will Power Up the character into an alternate form, and another push will trigger the Ignition Attack to unleash a super that depletes Ignition Guage.

All combat moves are easy to learn and attributes to the versatile combat to be found in the missions, which include franchise characters and epic boss battles.

Enemy AI is solid with a range of easy to more difficult monsters.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. The well-constructed cel-shaded characters overlay on simple backdrops. Character animation is fluid throughout. The sound engine is standard with upbeat tunes for each level.

Bleach: Soul Resurrection is a solid hack-n-slash title with enough variety to keep franchise and action fans resurrected for battle.

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