Namco Bandai Games America Inc.’s DualPenSports for Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS is a standard sports title that utilizes two stylus pens for two-handed mobile action.

Sports include Baseball, Boxing, Soccer, Archery, Basketball, Skiing, and Paragliding. The game includes two large stylus pens to facilitate each gameplay requirement. In addition, users can create a custom character and play in LAN matches against another owner.


Each game requires the user to hold a stylus in each hand. The touch screen provides a layout of each motion for the left and right hand to provide clear instructions to play.

For example, in Baseball, users must use the left hand to swipe down to ready the bat, and swipe upwards with the left hand in a homerun battle.

In Boxing, each stylus controls the left and right hand to deliver jabs, uppercuts, and body blows.

Some sports don’t fare as well, including Basketball, which requires users to swipe with the left stylus simply to catch the ball. In addition, Archery, users only use to left stylus to swipe down and ready the bow.

The use of two stylus pens requires that the 3DS sit on a lap or on a surface to play the game, which may not be feasible. A better alternative is to use two thumbs to play, which the 3DS touch screen controls recognize without a hitch.

Extras include Today’s Challenge for a different challenge to try each day and Tap Exercises for Separate, Trace, and Symmetry exercises.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames per second. The 3D effect is employed well with menu items that pop in front of each session. Animations and character models are plain and simple.

DualPenSports offers a new angle on the sports genre that is effective in certain activities. The basic gameplay is accessible to casual users, though veterans may want to toss the pens for traditional controls.

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