Sony Corp. this week said the NGP (Next-Generation Portable) won’t require a heavy investment compared to prior Playstation hardware.

Sony CFO Masaru Kato told The Wall Street Journal that the company could outsource chip-making to eliminate the cost of building a semiconductor factory.

In addition, it could utilize off-the-shelf components to reduce investment cost.

Kato told investors in May that the next Playstation will not incur the massive development cost of the PS3 hardware, which required the company to build semiconductor facilities.

The NGP will include the dual analog sticks, a 5-inch multi-touch OLED display, 3G & GPS, front and rear touch panels, and a compass on three axes. It will utilize flash-memory game cards.

Hardware specifications include an ARM Cortex A9 4-core CPU, front camera, rear camera, built-in microphone, and Bluetooth 2.1.

Price was not disclosed.

Game titles include Hot Shots Golf, Gravity Daze, Killzone, Reality Fighters, Smart As, Broken, LBP, Little Deviants, WipEout, Resistance, Uncharted.

Each game title will have LiveArea UI functionality to allow users to launch the game, download game-specific DLC, send messages, or view the status of other users playing the game.

Another function is Near, a location-based feature to view the most popular game in a particular area and detect what others are playing.

In addition to the NGP, Sony said it will offer the Playstation Suite framework to support game development for various portable devices, including the NGP.

Sony in Apr. 2010 discontinued the PSP go, a 16GB handheld that required software to be downloaded, due to tepid sales.

The standard PSP continues to hold solid demand, particularly in Japan.

Sony in May began sale of the Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack, which includes the PSP-3000 handheld, 2GB Memory Stick Pro, Gran Turismo, and MLB 11 The Show at $199.99.

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